Psunami 1.4 Red Giant

Psunami 1.4


Psunami - The Photorealistic water simulation plug-in used in feature films

Used in Miramax’s movie, “The Aviator,” Psunami generates precise 3D geometry of an ocean surface, then produces ultra-realistic ray-traced output that looks like real water, from flat pools to raging high seas.

Choose from hundreds of editable controls, and even place your camera underwater for the ultimate immersive effect. Psunami has been used in many feature films, television productions and commercials.

Ultra-realistic output
Psunami uses Arete Image Software’s RenderWorld ray-tracing engine — the same one used in movies such as Titanic, The Truman Show, Cast Away and Pearl Harbor. With features such as swell controls, air and light optics, wind, displacement mapping, depth of field control, reflection mapping, and tiling, your water effects will fool the experts.

Complete camera control
Psunami lets you fly your camera in 3D space above the water, on the water’s surface, or even below the water, for the ultimate in realism. Set the field of view to determine how much surface detail is visible.

Easy animation options
Need to add an object on the water, such as a boat or a buoy? Psunami makes it easy to composite objects into your water scene. Time stretch features help to create slow-motion scenes, while animating the Wind properties can quickly change the look of your waves.


True Reflection Mapping
Let your water reflect the sky of your choice

Displacement Mapping
Create compelling custom effects such as whirlpools or wakes

Atmospheric Effects
Add fog, rainbows or haze

Time-saving Grayscale Mode
Grayscale mode allows for speedy setup and preview

DOF Rendering
Depth of field rendering makes it easy to composite additional layers

Tiling Feature
Defining tiled water patterns helps speed rendering while retaining realism

Rendering Options
A range of choices to that suits your time and project

Water Loops
Create seamless looping water effects that animate flawlessly


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects
Apple Final Cut Pro

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Apple Macintosh

Mac OSX 10.4.11 and later

Mac Intel
1 GB of RAM
30 MB of Hard Drive space

PC / Windows

Windows XP SP1 or later

Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit

Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster (or AMD equivalent)
1 GB of RAM
30 MB of Hard Drive space

Host Application

Adobe After Effects CS5, CS4, CS3
Apple Final Cut Pro 7, 6

AV3 Price : $199.00


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