Mercalli v3 Stand Alone proDAD

Mercalli v3 Stand Alone


Mercalli - Rock-steady video stabilization, no matter how fast the action!

3D video stabilization plus Rolling-Shutter-Compensation plus Zoom/Schwenk-Optimization in one complete package.

Rescue your videos!
Mercalli V3 employs revolutionary new 3D video stabilization, which independently stabilizes the X, Y, and Z camera axis, delivering better post-capture video stabilization results than any other product on the market – hands down. Mercalli also employs some unique Dynamic Camera Options that lets you precisely control the level of stabilization so the character of the video is retained.

Mercalli also incorporates highly effective rolling-shutter correction that is introduced by some cameras when they are panned quickly. Rolling-shutter compensation can remove the wobble, jello, and skew from your videos during stabilization.

Even if a scene was fully stabilized the Rolling-Shutter remains and makes it unuseable – therefore Mercalli can remove also this video failures fully automatically!

Also new are proDAD’s SmartBorder™  optionsthat reduces the need to zoom in during stabilization, leaving the borders of the original video intact.

Due to the revolutionary 3D stabilization technology Mercalli can also produce smoother results in Zoom or Camera Pan for all video records, from Handycam until Steadycam.


    * 3D stabilization of all 3 camera axis
    * Fully automatic rolling-shutter correction of jello/skew/wobble effects
    * Available Mercalli SAL stand alone application offers features not possible in a plug-in solution
    * Lower need for zoom-in than other post-capture stabilization products
    * Dynamic camera mode retains the flavor of the video during stabilization
    * Automatic scene change detection allows one stabilization pass for several scenes
    * Eliminates jitter in video, even in zoom/pan moves
    * Smoother results for all video records, from Handycam until Steadycam
    * Unlimited Multi-core CPU support for super-fast renderings
    * Full resolution preview for fast and efficient fine-tuning
    * No need for keyframes or time-consuming tracking points
    * Superior ease of use: Load video – stabilize – go!
    * Full 32-/64-Bit Support for the Standalone application as well plug-ins for popular editing solutions


Host Applications:
Stand alone

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

P4 DueCore 2.8GHz,
Ram 1GB, HDD 500MB,
WinXP SP2,
Monitor XGA+ (1152x864)
Intel Core I7-970 3.2GHz,
Ram 6GB, HDD 8GB,
Win7 64bit,
Monitor WUXGA (1920x1200)

AV3 Price : $179.00

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