Image Lounge 1.4 Red Giant

Image Lounge 1.4


Image Lounge contains a set of over 20 After Effects filters to give greater impact to your images. Produced by Red Giant Software, Image Lounge allows you to replicate natural elements like fire, smoke, and water. Add realistic touches using shadows, displacement, color mapping, or use accurate camera blur and focus effects to replicate out-of-focus images shot with a film camera.


Border Patrol Filter

Adds style and dynamic movement to static elements. Synthesize outline, edge, or inline shapes on the border of your images.

Framer Filter

Draws rectangles, complete with border and color controls, in seconds.

Get Grungy

Give your text some funk with the Grunge filter. Apply noise patterns to the edges of your image or text for an acid-etched or sandblasted look.

Text Typewriter Filter

Animate tracking, leading, size, and width with multiple lines of text. Then create signature "type-on" effects as though your text was being typed on a computer monitor or old-fashioned CRT display.

Hall of Mirrors Filter

Place your images between a corridor of mirrors for a cascading falloff look. Twist the successive reflections to get dramatic animation of an image trailing off into the distance.


Host Applications:
Adobe After Effects

Operating Systems:

System Requirements:

Apple Macintosh

Mac OS X 10.3.2 - 10.5.5

Power Mac G5, Mac Intel 1GB of RAM 15 MB of Hard Drive space

PC / Windows

Windows XP SP1 32-bit and later Windows Vista 32-bit

Pentium 4 2.4 GHz 1GB of RAM 30 MB of Hard Drive space

**Windows XP and Vista 64-bit systems are NOT supported at this time.

AV3 Price : $299.00


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