GERO - Annual Subscription GERO Software

GERO - Annual Subscription


GERO Annual Subscription = $100 Per Machine, Per Year.

Please select the number of machines required.

Gero (Latin: Manage) is a sophisticated, media-centric Software Asset Manager (SAM).

The Problem:
Currently, creative workstations feature numerous software installs; typically a host application such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Nuke or Resolve plus an array of video plugins, audio plugins and add-ons.

In a facility with multiple Workstations this leads to the complex management problem of trying to track software, versions and licenses across those machines - typically, this is done manually and is a time-consuming process for a skilled engineer or IT person.

The solution:
Simple to download and easy to operate, Gero is installed on your Network and automatically catalogues the Hardware present and Software installed. Log in to your browser Web Portal to get a visual view of the Workstations and Software present on the network.


  • User-definable fields for the manual addition of license numbers, users, location and other local information

  • From a browser, log on to a web portal on the server (local or cloud) to view software instances installed by machine or software instances on a particular machine

  • Full reporting capabilities: View a report of any unlicensed software for legal audit purposes

  • Installed software is checked against a compatibility matrix and any issues flagged 

  • Database automatically backs up between Workstation agents and to the cloud


Operating Systems:

System Requirements:
  • Identifies and manages all major creative software hosts.
  • Identifies and manages all major creative software plugins.
  • Integrates with the AV3 cloud database.

AV3 Price : $100.00

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