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New Boris Continuum Complete Free Training Series Posted over 4 years ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

A great starting point for any newcomers to Boris Continuum Complete.

(Also to note: Version 10 is coming out soon, check out what's new!)

BCC Fundamentals is a new training series hosted by Ben Brownlee of Curious Turtle designed to help you quickly and easily get up-and-running with Boris Continuum Complete.

The BCC Fundamentals training series is presented in the Avid Media Composer interface, however the training is also applicable for the following hosts:

- BCC for Adobe
- BCC for Avid
- BCC for Resolve/ OFX
- BCC for Apple Final Cut & Motion
- BCC for Sony Vegas Pro

We've embedded all 9 parts of the series here for your convenience!

001 – Basics

  • What is FX Browser
  • Applying & customizing presets
  • Green dot vs Blue dot effects
  • General preferences

BCC Fundamentals: 002 – Basic Titling

  • Creating and adjusting BCC Extruded Text
  • Adding a built-in 3D Transition
  • Working with 3D Type on Text
  • Customizing and saving the effect

BCC Fundamentals: 003 – Title Matte

  • When to use Apply to Title Matte
  • Stacking multiple filters
  • Multi-filter parameters

BCC Fundamentals: 004 – Transitions

  • Adding and tweaking transitions
  • Using curves to change timings
  • Saving transitions as presets
  • Creating Quick Transitions

BCC Fundamentals: 005 – PixelChooser

  • Limiting effects to a certain area
  • Creating a PixelChooser matte using a color key
  • Combining and keyframing mattes and masks
  • Using BCC Directional Blur and a PixelChooser Luma Key to create a custom glow effect

BCC Fundamentals: 006 – Lights & Looks

  • Relighting a scene with BCC Stagelight
  • Adding texture with BCC Rays
  • Customizing a look across an entire timeline

BCC Fundamentals: 007 – Image Restoration

  • Remove fisheye distortion with BCC Lens Correction
  • Improving slo-mo footage with BCC Flicker Fixer
  • Using the compare tool
  • Stabilizing jitter with BCC Optical Stabilizer
  • Mixing SD and HD footage using BCC UpRez

BCC Fundamentals: 008 – Extruded EPS

  • Adding an extruded EPS object
  • Applying materials
  • Adjusting extrusion and render quality
  • Using 3D deformers on the timeline

BCC Fundamentals: 009 – Advanced Keying

  • One stop shop keying with BCC Chroma Key
  • Dealing with uneven green screens and garbage masks
  • Compositing with multiple filters
  • Color matching to the background image

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