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EditMule workflow plugins for Final Cut Pro

We are delighted to announce that EditMule plugins are now available from AV3 Software. These workflow plugins are great applications for speeding up your workflow, and include:

EditMule Auto Scratch: Final Cut Pro doesn't remember to change your scratch disks from project to project. Here's an elegant solution to an age-old problem, Auto Scratch changes them for you!

EditMule Auto Collapse: Messy and confusing timeline? Here's a handy tool for Final Cut Pro that collapses and consolidates all video material to as few tracks as possible, instantly.

EditMule Filter Remover:  Have you ever had to laboriously remove filters clip by clip? Currently Final Cut Pro has an all or nothing approach to removing video filters, so here's an indispensable way of selectively removing them from a sequence.

And here is what users are currently saying about them:


'I have been using Auto Scratch for a couple of months now. Heaven! Everything is organized and stays organized automatically. It is a real godsend when working on several different projects. I never have to double check to make sure I am capturing footage to the correct project folder. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!'

Chris Walton - Visual Story Productions
'I went from five scattered video tracks to only three tidy little video tracks. Sweet!'

Ben Balser - EventDV.net Columnist / Apple Pro App Trainer - talking about Auto Collapse
'Filter Remover just totally saved my bacon, removing over 500 deinterlace filters by hand from an hour long timeline would have taken so much time!'

Brett Anderson - Online Editor & Colorist

EditMule plugins are available at fantastic prices from AV3 Software now - "...if one of these great plugins saves you an hour of time it's paid for itself", said Peter Ramsay, MD of AV3 Software. "We'd recommend these to all Final Cut Pro users."

EditMule Filter Remover EditMule Auto Collapse EditMule Auto Scratch


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