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About GERO Software

The Future of Media Management Software.

Gero (Latin: Manage) is a sophisticated, media-centric Software Asset Manager.

The Problem:

Most creative workstations these days feature numerous software installs; typically a host application, such as Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Nuke or Resolve, plus an array of video and audio plugins and add-ons.

In a facility with multiple Workstations this leads to a complex management problem of trying to track software, versions and licenses across those machines. Typically today, software installs, license strings and other pertinent information is tracked in manual ways such as Excel, Databases, Paper, Cards etc. 

In addition, upgrades and installs are managed individually and manually which is usually a very time-consuming process for a skilled engineer or IT person and if a machine ever needs rebuilding this can lead to panic, confusion and multiple calls to vendors to try to find and recover license strings.

The solution:

Simple to download and easy to operate, the Gero agent is installed on the Network and automatically catalogues the Hardware present and Software installed Users log onto a Web Portal using a browser to get a visual view of the Workstations and Software present on the network.

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