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ZBrush 4R7 out now

Posted 3 months ago by Simon Day - Posted in General
Pixologic yesterday released the highly anticipated ZBrush 4R7. 

What's new?

Here is quick summary of all the new features that ZBrush 4R7 has. To get the full details about each feature check out our product pages

New ZModeler Brush - smart polygonal modeling system made to simplify your creation process. Refine the shape of your work instantaneously to greatly improve how you create hard surface models, architectural structures or highly detailed environments.  

NanoMesh - Combined with ZModeler, the new NanoMesh system adds more functionality and efficieny to the process of using ZBrush's InsertMesh.

ArrayMesh - Works in real time as make adjustments to the content of the original mesh or use TransPose action lines to adjust placement, deform the mesh (along with its copies) and much more.

ZBrush Surface Noise - Now improved to support more than one noise source at any given time.

Displacement Rendering - Can now see procedural and texture-created surface noise rendered as displaced geometry. This process is automatic; after designing your noise you can view the result on your geometry without applying it.

ZRemesher 2.0 - Automatically produce organic or hard surface topology without spirals

PBX Import/Export - Supports texture, normal and displacement maps, blendshapes, smoothing based on normals and much more


Posted by Simon Day
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mocha Pro and Plus Update Available

Posted 4 months ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Imagineer Systems have released a small update for both mocha Pro and mocha Plus

New Features in Version 4.1.1:

- Blackmagic Fusion Tracking Offset: Fusion tracking data now exports with the frame offset in mocha. (mocha Pro only)

- Undo/Redo of Point Stepping: Users can now undo/redo stepping to the next/ previous control point.

Posted by Simon Day
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HitFilm 3 Pro Update Includes New Effects

Posted 4 months ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

The highly impressive and affordable HitFilm 3 Pro has recieved a second big (free) update.

Update no. 2 includes 3 new effects; deinterlace, LUT and vignette exposure. Along with this, other improvements and fixes have been implemented.

Here's a rundown of the 3 brand new effects.

LUT - Instant Film Looks

It's now possible to use look up tables inside HitFilm 3 Pro thanks to the new LUT effect. LUTs are used to transform color values, which ensures accurate color correction across multiple software and hardware setups.

LUT can also provide a powerful way to offer a one-click grade, simulating specific film stocks and processing techniques. Applying a LUT to flat footage can yield some fantastic looking results.

An example is below, the image on the left is a still from the original footage, the other two have presets applied to them.

Vignette Exposure

This alternate vignette effect takes a different approach to the standard vignette. Instead of applying a colored or black overlay to create the vignetting, this new effect adjusts the exposure in the affected area.

Here's an example of the new vignette exposure applied to an image (note this is a non-subtle example to demonstrate how it works).


The final new effect is called deinterlace.

HitFilm chose to add this to tackle older footage that is interlaced, HitFilm 3 Pro now provides a competent solution to remedy this.

There are two methods on offer. Field separation does a basic removal of one of the fields, deinterlacing the footage but resulting in lower resolution footage. Alternatively you have field displacement, which utilizes optical flow techniques to blend the two fields together, creating a new, full resolution frame.

Improvements and bug fixes

Here's a list of everything else this juicy update features.

- Fixed issues when importing large numbers of Quicktime movies in Windows version

- Improve the loading performance of HitFilm plugins in Final Cut Pro X and Motion

- Fixed depth sorting in atomic particles

- 3D model texture paths can now be saved as absolute or relative paths in project files according to user preference

- 3D model textures are now listed in the relink window if they are not found at their previous location

- Can now import indexed-color PNG image sequences

- Fixed issue where some TGA images displayed upside down

- Fixed issues of shortcuts not working in floated panels

- Fixed text layers not accepting text

- Various Viewer time and duration fixes

- Fixed control panel angle properties not snapping to 45 degrees

- Fixed layer pickers not refreshing after an undo

- Zooming in the Trimmer now works with trackpad and magic mouse

- Audio waveforms now generated on Editor timeline for proxied composite shots

- Particles no longer disappear from view unexpectedly

- Fixed render issue with masks applied to 3D effect and model layers

- Fixed some effects incorrectly invalidating proxies (eg atomic)

- Fixed Denoise effect to preserve masked regions

- Fixed 16-bit rendering issue with models and particles in 3D unified space

- 3D masking of particles using deflectors now works when the simulation is set to 2D

- Frame thumbnails now update after relinking assets

- Billboarded layers now render correctly in non-active camera view

- Various OpenFX fixes

- Various stability fixes

- Various UI fixes

- Various styling tweaks

Posted by Simon Day
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