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After Effects CC 2014.1.1 (13.1.1) Bug Fixes

Posted 2 months ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Adobe have brought out an update for After Effects which addresses a number of bugs. To update, as always, within your software go to Help>Updates.

Read the full, long list of changes at the Adobe blog

Here's a summary of what has been fixed.

- Error message (“After Effects error: internal verification failure, sorry! {unexpected match name searched for in group} ( 29 :: 0 )”) will no longer appear when applying an effect without properties, or when opening a project containing an effect without properties.

- Tooltips now properly displaying in the Timeline, Project, and Effect Controls panels.

- The middle mouse button now works as expected for its intended purposes such as activating the Hand tool in viewer panels, utilising the Unified Camera tool, or adjusting the position of shape layers and masks.

- Panels no longer flash red when changing the size or reordering panels.

- The Graph Editor now works correctly on Windows high-DPI systems. In the previous version, clicks within the Graph Editor were registered in the wrong place on Windows high-DPI systems.

- RED (.r3d) files no longer cause a long delay when the resolution of the image being requested from the importer is less than 1/8. This happened when the thumbnail was generated on import, when Adaptive Resolution was engaged, etc.

- BridgeTalk is now configured correctly, so that scripting calls from ExtendScript Toolkit, Bridge, and Premiere Pro rightly choose After Effects.

- The installer cleans up stale components more effectively, including updated Cinema 4D components.


Posted by Simon Day
Tags: After Effects , Creative Cloud ,

New Tool Offload joins Red Giant's Shooter Suite

Posted 2 months ago by Simon Day - Posted in General

Red Giant have just released a brand new product called Offload, available as a standalone tool and for free for owners of the current version of Shooter Suite

Offload provides users with an easy, simple, and most importantly, a reliable way to transfer your precious files from your camera card to your system. This standalone tool works with almost all cameras, cards and media formats.

Posted by Simon Day
Tags: Red Giant , Shooter Suite , Offload ,

Potential Future Features and Tech Revealed for Creative Cloud at Adobe Max 2014

Posted 2 months ago by Simon Day - Posted in General
At the Adobe Max 2014 held in LA last week, Adobe gave a keynote titled Sneaks, previewing future features and tech that Adobe have been working on for the Creative Cloud.
We've put together a few of these that caught our interest, though bear in mind these are all in development stages and there is a chance they may not make it to live versions of the software.


This feature allows you to automatically and seamlessly remove pauses in videos (think "umms" and 'errs" in interviews). This new feature is one we are most excited about, mainly because it seems to work magically. While it's not perfected yet, we have our fingers crossed that Adobe will keep developing it and that it comes to Premiere Pro soon.

Photoshop Web Editing:

Another feature we are excited about. This allows you to edit Photoshop files via a web browser on a system that doesn't have Photoshop installed. After logging into a creative cloud account you have access to a number of design tools, after making changes and saving in a browser, the changes will be updated in the Photoshop file too. Sounds fantastic.

Automatic Time of Day Adjustments:

A cool feature that can adjust the time of day of a photograph automatically in Photoshop by using a complex algorithm based on a timelapse of a similar scene. Though quite limited in it's function, it's a promising feature that would be even better if it came to video for Premiere Pro and After Effects. We'll have to wait and see. 

3D Photo Magic:

Automatically add 3D objects to a photograph with the correct perspectives, planes and lighting. Just watch the video to see the possibilities of this feature. Really amazing stuff but it looks to be very demanding on the system in it's current existence, hopefully that will be improved if and when it's released.

These are just our top picks, be sure to take a look at all the other features and tech showcased during the Sneaks keynote in the playlist from Adobe below. 


Posted by Simon Day
Tags: Adobe , Creative Cloud , Adobe Max 2014 ,

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