About Us

The People:

Graham Sharp is currently working at Vitec Videocom, where he SVP of Global Products. He is a Director of MAC; a full services Media Consulting business and has held Senior executive positions at Grass Valley, Avid, Discreet Logic and Dynatech – so he has been around the industry for a while. He firmly believes the world is changing and the box is dead!

Peter Ramsay has worked at Avid, Discreet Logic, Chryon and Dynatech, but he's alright now. He makes sure the operation stays focused, runs smoothly and our customers, partners and vendors are happy.

Ian Easton had stints at Virgin and the NME before turning his hand to the Audio/Visual editing software world. Ian is recognised for his marketing, editorial, technical and communication skills. Ian is responsible for implementing AV3's marketing initiatives and makes sure the AV3 website stays up to date, runs smoothly and maintains an online presence. Aside from marketing, Ian is a musician, writer, blogger and author.

Simon Day is a recent media graduate with a passion for film, technology and digital media. He joined the marketing team at AV3 in 2014. Specialising in Digital Marketing, Simon has been brought on board to help establish AV3 as an industry leader in the field of visual effects plugins. He also manages all AV3's social media channels. 

Stephen Ramsay is the newest and youngest of the bunch here at AV3, he spends his time supporting resellers with pricing and licence issues. He can also offer advice on upgrades and product suitability.


The next time you sell a creative system, whether it be from Adobe, Apple, Autodesk or Avid (why does every host software vendor begin with an A?) why not sell your client a range of plug-ins to complete his system and bring more power to his desktop.
We provide you simple and instant access to all the popular plug-ins. Sign up as a reseller and you get access to everything on the site at very competitive prices. Once you have purchased and downloaded the sofware, you will be mailed a license code within minutes so you can install on you clients system and bring additional value to the transaction.
Please contact us for further information and to sign up!


Marketing partner (aka Affiliate) programmes

We have marketing partner programmes for other businesses in the industry with a relationship with users. Though this programme, resellers, on line magazines, forums, blogs or email newsletters can share in our success by earning rewards on all products sold through our site to customers they direct to us.

Please contact us about our marketing partner program by clicking here: Marketing partners